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Discover how much you can save on your electricity bill by installing the best solar panel systems on the market

Producing your electricity has plenty of benefits

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The energy that your solar panels produce will let you start saving from the first day, amortize in just a few years (around 4-8 years) and continue producing free energy for the rest of your solar panels' lifespan (30+ years). Your system pours the electricity you do not use into the network so that your electric utility company compensates you on your bill.   .
Green Energy
Solar energy does not produce CO2 and is 100 % renewable. Your photovoltaic installation contributes to the renewable energy transition, mitigates global warming, and improves your local air quality.
Intelligent Consumption 
We offer an app that you can use to monitor how much energy you produce and consume. With this information, you can maximize your energy consumption efficiency. 
Simple Technology
Going solar does not require a big investment. The montage process is simple, and all the components are reliable for the long term. It is an ideal technology to incorporate into our homes. 
Subsidies and Tax Exemptions
You can benefit from subsidies and tax exemptions in Spain and abroad. For example, you can get up to 50% discount on the IBI (Real Estate Tax). 

360º Service

We deliver turnkey installations to give you peace of mind.We take care of everything. 

Personalized Assessment  

We help you evaluate your consumption patterns and savings objectives. Based on that information, we design a project tailored to your needs. Our goal is that you make the best energy decision for your home. Count on our expert advisers to clarify any questions. 


Our highly qualified team installs your system within 2-4 days. We also take care of all the paperwork to start receiving compensation for your energy in the shortest possible time.  

Green and Intelligent Energy 

After installation, we take care of monitoring your system to ensure optimal performance. In addition, the app that we offer gives you the possibility to control your production and consumption so that you use your energy in the most efficient way.  


You can pay in installments tailored to your needs in up to 10 years. We also process your aid and tax exemptions.  

Sistema fotovoltaico

Are solar panels profitable for me?

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How does your photovoltaic system work?

Sistema fotovoltaico
  1. Solar Panels: They produce direct current electricity from solar radiation.  
  2. Inverter: Transforms direct current into alternating current to be used at home or stored in a battery. Once the system is up and going, you will first consume the energy generated by your photovoltaic system.  
  3. Meter: It counts the energy you use. It also counts the amount of electricity you pour into the network when you do not consume all the power generated by your panels. That way, you receive compensation from your electric utility company. 
  4. Monitoring: We offer you an app with which you can corroborate the correct operation of the photovoltaic system. You can also follow your electricity production and consumption. That information allows you to adapt your energy use to maximize your savings. 

App for Monitoring Included in All Our Installations

Make the most out of your photovoltaic system by adapting your consumption to the energy you produce

Our Products 

Create a sustainable future with our renewable energy products for your residence, company, or electric vehicle. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal photovoltaic system for your home or business is the one that adapts to your consumption needs and the available surface to install your panels. A specialized technician must design the installation considering aspects such as shading obstacles, orientation, and inclination.   

With our solar calculator, you can simulate what an installation would look like on your property and obtain an initial budget. You can also leave us your details in Contact or below in “WOULD YOU LIKE TO TALK WITH ONE OF OUR SOLAR EXPERTS?” and one of our advisors will contact you to answer all your questions. 

A photovoltaic installation for homes pays for itself in a period of between 4 and 8 years. Several factors influence the payback time. The most important is the relationship between consumption and the size of the installation.   

The amortization period is even shorter if you get the IBI (Real Estate Tax) discounts offered by many municipalities or if you choose an electricity supplier with good self-consumption contracts. It also varies according to our habits. If you adapt your actions to your solar energy generation, your energy consumption becomes more effective. Daily practices have a significant impact over the years.   

The photovoltaic installation components, such as panels and inverters, have reached their lowest price and have been maintained in recent years. Consuming our energy instead of buying it from the traditional utility companies saves you money from the first day. Once you amortize your solar energy system, the panels can produce free energy for your solar panels lifespan (around 30+ years). 


Yes,  every municipality has specific requirements regarding building permits. Isome casessimple prior consultation letter is sufficient. Keep in mind that some municipalities request the final Construction Certificate to apply for the IBI discount. In some instances, the installation needs to be approved by the network owner. 

We will take care of all the processing and documentation related to the work permit once we have your authorization. In some districts, the city councils require that the homeowner applies directly, but in those cases, we prepare it, and you only have to submit it. 

We take care of preparing the technical report, plans and define all other details. Once all the documentation has been submitted to the city council, the resolution can take between 1-4 weeks. Once we have the city council’s approval, we will consult you to schedule a date to start installing. 

Systems with batteries are especially suited for areas where the electricity grid does not reach and areas with high risk of power outages. In these cases, batteries allow the energy produced to be stored and used when necessary. However, battery-free solar installations are profitable by themselves. If you do not have a battery, you can receive compensation for the power you deliver to the grid. Iany caseExperta Solar’s installations give you the possibility of integrating batteries. Our experts help you define the optimal solution for you according to your needs and preferences. 

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