It includes:

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up to

60 %

of your electricity costs


(panel production capability)

25 years

on our solar panels 

Tax Benefits

up to

50 %

reduction on your IBI (RST)

Sistema fotovoltaico

Are solar panels profitable for me?

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Going solar has many benefits


The energy produced by your solar panels allows you to save from day one, pay back the installation in a few years (~ 2-6) and continue to enjoy generating free energy during the useful life of your panels (30+ years). The energy that you do not need, you pour it into the network and your electricity supplier compensates you on your bill. 

Green energy

Solar power production does not generate CO2 emissions and is 100% renewable. 

Your photovoltaic system contributes to the renewable energy transition, mitigates global warming, and improves air quality locally. 

Smart Consumption

We offer an app to monitor how much energy you produce and consume. With this information you can maximize the efficiency of your electricity consumption. 

Tax Benefits

You can benefit from subsidies and tax exemptions. For example, up to 50% discount on the IBI (depending on the specific council). Our advisors help you with all the legal procedures. 

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