Intelligent production

Our converters includes a totally free monitoring software. With its help you can monitor your installation from wherever you are and achieve even cleaner and smarter consumption. 

App de monitorización

What can I do from my application?

  1. Check the operation of the installation
  2. Visualize consumption andproduction
  3. Visualize the discharge of electricity to the grid
  4. Check the battery status
  5. View an estimate of monthly savings
  6. Monitorthe installationfrom the app and from the web 

Control your production

The converter is the “brain” of your installation and the one that generates and collects the production data. When we start up the installation, we create a specific user for you so that you can control how much electricity your panels produce. In the event of a system failure, the app issues a warning in real time. This monitoring is essential because it allows us to verify that your photovoltaic installation works correctly at all times. 

App de monitorización en ordenador

Control your consumption

One of the lesser known components of photovoltaic installations for homes is the wattmeters (meters). The wattmeter allows us to take monitoring to the next level. Its function is to record consumption, production and discharge to the network, functioning as a bidirectional meter. These data are reflected in the app through graphs that contrast production with consumption. There we can easily see what our daily consumption looks like in order to adapt it. If we adapt our consumption to the hours of greatest solar energy generation, we can save more on the electricity bill, while we use a higher percentage of clean energy and create a more sustainable home. 

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