The most profitable and sustainable energy for your business

Go solar and make your company more competitive today

Benefits of going solar for businesses

Reduce the cost of your electricity bill by generating the most efficient and responsible energy. Our facilities pay for themselves in around 2-7 years, and your panels continue to produce free and clean energy for 30+ years.

Profitable Technology

  1. Low cost and fast return on investment (around 2-7 years)
  2. Immediate savings of between 40 and 60% on the electricity bill
  3. Possibility of selling excess energy to the grid
  4. Possibility of obtaining subsidies or tax deductions
  5. Revaluation of real estate assets
  6. Ensure low electricity costs for your business for decades

Investment with Guarantees

Warranty. We work with the most efficient and highest quality products on the market. Our manufacturers offer a warranty period of up to 25 years in the production of solar panels.

Control.  We offer you an app with which you can monitor your installation’s operation and production to maximize its performance and your savings.


Environmental Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility. Your use of clean and renewable energy contributes to the sustainable development of society.

And cultivating a focus on sustainability improves your customers’ relationship with your brand and motivates your team. Going solar is a win-win for everyone.

Turnkey Installation Process

We know you are busy. Therefore, at Experta Solar, we take care of everything to ensure that going solar is a simple and easy process.

1. Consulting and Custom Design

We study the energy consumption of your company and design a custom photovoltaic system. Our objective is that your system meets the goals you have set for your business, whether it’s in the short or the long run.

2. Execution

With the final design, we apply for the necessary installation permits. When the documentation is ready, we proceed to install your system. Once your photovoltaic system is running, we take care of the legalization requirements to start receiving compensation for the power you send to the grid. We also help you request possible IBI discounts (Real Estate Tax), as well as other possible benefits.

3. Green and Smart Power Production

After installing, we take care of monitoring your system to ensure its optimal performance. If your system requires it, we also offer maintenance service to achieve the highest possible production.

An exemple of a photovoltaic system for an industrial factory

This photovoltaic system consisting of 50 solar panels with a a peak power output of 23,5kW was installed for an industrial factorywith a sheet metal roofbased in Ripollet. It also includes two charging points for electric vehicles.

– Estimated production: 33.038 kWp over the first year.

– Estimated savings: more than 150.000€/30 years.

– Amortization: 5 years.

-Environmental impact: 13.000 CO2 kg per year the same carbon sequestration rate as 661 trees.

We work only with top-level, Tier 1 manufacturers

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Barcelona Guild of Installers

We are a company associated with Barcelona’s Guild of Installers. With more than 100 years in the electricity sector, it provides us with all the guarantees to offer you a high-quality, profitable, and safe photovoltaic installation.

Finance with Cetelem, more than 30 years of experience in financing products for individuals and companies. Finance up to 100% of your installation and up to 120 months. Immediate study. 100% online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spain’s electricity rates are among the highest in Europe. Prices fluctuate due to changes in demand and weather, making them difficult to predict. Investing in solar energy protects your business from high and volatile prices. Depending on your location and what form of payment you choose, you can ensure low electricity costs for the next 25 years or more.

While studying the use of a new energy source in detail may seem complicated, our advisors are here to help you evaluate the benefits of photovoltaic power production. Going solar for your business is logical, easy, and safe.

Furthermore, the many discounts offered by municipalities usually reduce the amortization period. The compensation you get from your utility company for the power you deliver to the grid also shortens your amortization period. It also varies according to our habits. Most businesses run during the day, which means they take maximum advantage of the solar panels’ power.

Solar panels and inverters and all other photovoltaic system products, have reached their lowest price in recent years. Consuming the energy you produce instead of buying it from the traditional utility companies allows you to save from the first day. Once you amortize your installation (usually in 2-7years), the panels keep on producing free electricity for 30+ years.

Besides a financial decision, investing in solar energy is an environmental choice. Companies that cultivate a focus on sustainability do the right thing for the planet and experience powerful positive effects on their brand. A solar panel system on your roof is a clear statement of intent that strengthens your customers’ relationship with your brand. Your employees also walk a little taller, knowing that they work for a company that runs on clean energy. Study after study shows that sustainability is good for the environment and good for business too.

Most businesses operate during sunny hours when the solar panels are producing energy. If companies produce their own power, they can save up to 60% on the electricity bill. Your photovoltaic system pays for itself quickly in 2-7 years due to these significant savings. Experta Solar’s panels generate free energy for the panels’ life exceeding 30 years (25 years covered by their production guarantee). The sooner you switch to solar energy, the sooner your company will start saving. Contact us, and we will conduct a free, no-obligation feasibility study.

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