About us

Who we are

At Experta Solar we are specialists in residential and commercial solar energy solutions. Our company installs, monitors, and maintains photovoltaic solar energy systems and electric mobility products (solar panels, inverters, batteries, electric vehicle charging points) for homes and businesses.

Our turnkey solutions allow you to save on your electricity bill and take care of the environment by producing your energy.

Our Mission

We exist to be the best solar energy installers in the country. Our goal is to make you gain independence, save on your power bills, and serve in the transition to a society based on clean, renewable energy.

Our Vision

We believe that we need to leave behind the polluting power sources of traditional oligopolies. Therefore, we empower people by bringing solar energy to all homes and businesses. With each completed project, we democratize energy production while promoting renewable energy for our environment’s sake.

Nuestros valores


We Make it Simple

Solar energy provides many advantages. Our task is to make the advanced technology we offer a logical and simple alternative.


We are Experts

We exist to be the best specialists of the solar energy sector. Our priority is to provide an unmatched quality in our services, technology, and facilities.


Commitment to Honesty

To gain and maintain our client’s trust is paramount. We seek the best solutions for each of our clients, and we do our best every time to make sure that they are pleased with the outcome.


We are THE Team

Experta Solar is more than just a workplace. The effort of each tem member is essential for the company’s success and the well-being of all of us who work in it. Here people matter. Here we back each other up.


We Redefine What is Possible

Our attitude is constructive. We offer solutions, innovate, learn, and add positive elements to our projects: quality, efficiency, sustainability, style, and accessibility, everything in one package.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Experta Solar we understand that our way of operating as a company impacts our organization and its members and society. That is why we focus on actively working in the following areas:

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa


At Experta Solar we are proud to be part of the democratization of energy production and the transition to a fossil-fuel-free society. But we believe that we can and must do more. To ensure sustainability in our company is more than pretty words and good intentions, our Code of Conduct includes sustainability goals and recycling programs in offices and facilities.

We also collaborate with NGOs for social and environmental purposes.

Code of conduct

We have created a Code of Conduct to ensure that everyone in our organization is committed to following behavior guidelines consistent with compliance with laws, recommended procedures, and ethical principles. The Code of Conduct includes safety and accident prevention guidelines, equal opportunity procedures, rules to maintain a good work environment, anti-harassment and discrimination rules, anti-corruption rules, and sustainability goals.


We believe that in order to develop and grow as a company, it is crucial to create an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to give their best, fulfill their potential, and be recognized for their achievements. We also believe that diverse teams create transformative solutions that serve to improve our products and services. By valuing differences – whether they are gender, color, national origin, ability, religion or sexual orientation – we attract the most talented and motivated people in the industry to drive our team’s long-term success.

As an employer, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that we make the most of the diverse experiences, skill sets, and mindsets of each member of our organization. That’s why we build a diverse and inclusive workplace and maintain our focus on gender equality.

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Barcelona Guild of Installers

To guarantee the professionalism of our services, we are members of the Barcelona Installers Guild. With the backing of its more than 100 years in the electricity sector, it provides us with training, advice and management of all relevant insurance.

At Experta Solar we have all the procedures and insurances needed for our staff, to go on with their work with the greatest protection. We also have all necessary guarantees to offer you the best quality, profitable and safe photovoltaic installation.

Trabaja con nosotros

Nuestra empresa está en pleno proceso de crecimiento. Únete a nuestro equipo de ingenieros, instaladores y técnicos y trabajemos codo a codo creando una sociedad más sostenible.

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