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Solar panels


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We deliver turnkey solutions: we take care of every step of the way, from the initial design and paperwork.


Reduce your electricity bills up to 60%. Amortize in 4-8 years and continue generating free electricity for 30 years.


Reduce your electricity bills up to 60%. Amortize in 4-8 years and continue generating free electricity for 30 years.


Outstanding, personalized customer service 


We provide financial solutions and help you apply for tax exemptions and subventions in Spain

Barcelona Guild of Installers

We are a company associated with Barcelona’s Guild of Installers. With more than 100 years in the electricity sector, it provides us with all the guarantees to offer you a high-quality, profitable, and safe photovoltaic installation.

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Finance with Cetelem, more than 30 years of experience in financing products for individuals and companies. Finance up to 100% of your installation and up to 120 months. Immediate study. 100% online.

Solar Monitoring App Included in All Our Installations

Make the most out of your photovoltaic system by adapting your consumption to the energy you produce

Frequently Asked Questions

A residential photovoltaic system has an amortization period of  4-8 years. The amortization period for commercial and industrial systems is 2-6 years. Several factors influence the payback time. The most important is the relationship between consumption and the size of the installation.  

The amortization period is even shorter if you get the IBI discounts offered by many municipalities or choose a supplier with good self-consumption contracts. It also varies according to our habits. If you adapt your actions to your solar energy generationyour energy consumption becomes more effective. Daily practices have a significant impact over the years.  

The photovoltaic installation components, such as panels and inverters, have reached their lowest price and have been maintained in recent years. Consuming our energy instead of buying it from the large trading companies saves from the day of start-up. Once you amortize your solar energy system, the panels can produce free energy for your solar panels’ lifespan (around 30 years).

The Sun tax was active since 2015 and was repealed in 2018 by the Government of Spain. The new solar-energy regulation allows photovoltaic system owners to pour surpluses into the grid and get compensation for it from your energy retailerThat compensation allows the consumption expenses of the electricity bill to be brought to practically zero. Although the prize for the energy you transfer to the grid is not 1-1, like it is in other countries, it will increase in the coming years.  

Furthermore, there is a list of specific regulations for all electrical installations. These regulations standardize the products’ certifications and insurances, ranging from what type of cable to what kind of protections a solar panel installation must carry. At Experta Solar, we are always up to date with the latest regulations to comply with all legal requirements and provide you with the highest possible security. 

The ideal photovoltaic installation for your home or business is the one that adapts to your consumption needs and the available surface to install your panels. A specialized technician must design the installation considering aspects such as shading obstacles, orientation, and inclination.  

With our solar calculator, you can simulate what an installation would look like on your property and obtain an initial budget. You can also leave us your details in “Contact” or below in “Do you want to speak with an advisor?” and one of our solar experts will contact you to answer all your questions.

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